Ford is on a roll this week! After making Fortune’s Blue Ribbon list earlier in the week, the team is at it again securing a permit to test its self-driving vehicles in California. Ford announced on Tuesday, that it will be testing a Fusion Hybrid as the race for autonomous technology heats up. Ford Motor Company joins Honda, Daimler, Tesla, Nissan and BMW as the other car makers currently approved for testing in the state. California is one of the few states that have passed legislature allowing manufacturers to test self-driving cars. The others include Florida, Michigan and Nevada.

The permits allow Ford to begin testing on public roads next year which is the next step of their 10-year autonomous vehicle development program. The Palo Alto facility is now one of the largest automotive research centers in Silicon Valley and staffs more than 100 researchers, engineers and scientists. The testing will provide real world interactions to help identify and understand unexpected encounters that happen on the road.