The Tesla Model S has shared huge success over the last few years. While the vehicle has an impressive combination of technology and efficiency, it has always had one downside: the price. According to Electrek, that’s all about to change as Tesla hints at a more affordable Model 3 sedan.

There are many speculations and hints about the smaller sedan. With a price expected to be around $30,000, the Model 3 could potentially come in one of two variants: a small sedan or small crossover. Other speculations note the Tesla’s newest model will be able to travel 240 miles on a charge when paired with a 60kWh battery, but could see higher returns with 80kWH or 90kWh long-range batteries in the future. With a similar layout to the Model S — large infotainment screen and all — cabin size is expected to rival the BMW 3-Series.

More details on the compact sedan will be available in two months when the official reveal is scheduled, however Tesla has already stated they plan for the sedan to find its way into customer garages at the end of 2017.