Ken Block has a history of filming internet gold when it comes to his Gymkhana videos. What automotive enthusiast hasn’t dreamed about being behind the wheel of a 600 horsepower rally car with nothing but open road ahead?

Ken and the team at Ford Performance are at it again and Gymkhana 8 doesn’t disappoint. The video is set in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai and features some of Ken Block’s most extravagant stunts yet. From pavement, to sand, and back to pavement, Block hoons his way into a cloud of tire smoke and flames while piloting his Ford Fiesta around not only Dubai’s famous exotic car police fleet, but also a Ford Raptor on two wheels and an airplane!  The video additionally includes a hint at a Ford Focus RS RX. Perhaps it’s Ken’s new car, but we will have to wait until Gymkhana 9 to see.