As the fallout from Dieselgate continues, Volkswagen AG has reached a tentative plan after months of deliberation. According to Automotive News, the deal proposed by VW, would buy back nearly 500,000 diesel vehicles that were equipped with emissions defeating software. The automaker is expected to make the announcement before a federal judge in San Francisco today. The scandal affects 2.0-liter diesel models of the Jetta, Golf and Audi A3 but does not apply to the larger 3.0-liter diesel found in the larger Porsche and Audi SUV’s. As part of the agreement, owners will be compensated for the fraudulent vehicles, with initial figures near $5,000. While it is still to be determined what the compensation fund will be, it is expected to total $1 billion dollars in addition to the buybacks. Repairs may also be offered for the consumers who decide to keep but the fix must be approved by U.S. officials.