Printing in 3D is a relatively new technology but is becoming available to the masses. The technology utilizes a printer that extrudes molten plastic and builds a design that was created by a computer. Mostly a homebrew concept until this point, Autoblog reports that Daihatsu will be the first automaker to offer factory 3D printed parts. Paired with the company Stratasys, the automaker will be offering custom-printed body panels that will allow consumers to add personal flair to their vehicles. The 3D parts will initially be offered in 15 geometric and organic patterns with 10 different color options. The 3D printing process takes a custom body panel that would typically take months to manufacture and creates it in a few hours. The plastics used to make the panels are resistant to both bumps and UV damage. Although the Daihatsu brand is not sold in the US, the technology opens up a new world for vehicle customization.