The Panamera has always been a good theory.  Blend the style and performance of a 911, with the space and comfort of a luxury sedan. Porsche got most of the exercise right,  but the first-generation sport sedan’s biggest flaw has always been its styling. The German automaker can now put all that behind them as they revealed the  2017 Panamera earlier this week. The second-generation car is now wider, longer and a bit taller than the outgoing model. The swept roofline sits 20mm lower in the rear and the styling ques, taken directly from the 911, lend to an unmistakably sports car feel.

The chassis has been reengineered, along with its available  engines and transmissions to seamlessly blend the sports car with the luxury sedan. Air suspension, rear axle steering and active roll control stability highlight Porsche’s attempt to building the best of both worlds.  Turbocharged six and eight-cylinder engines have been reworked to provide more power and efficiency and will be paired with the brand’s 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. All-wheel drive is equipped on both the 4S and Turbo Models.

The new Panamera is expected to hit dealer lots sometime in January of 2017 with the 4S starting at $99,900 and the Turbo at $146,900.