In the wake of recent accidents that involved Tesla’s autopilot, another manufacturer had made automotive safety waves. Due to complaints from several consumers and safety groups, Automotive News reports Mercedes-Benz is under scrutiny for a recent advertising campaign. The Three-Pointed Star’s television commercial features a 2017 E-Class sedan and its driver-assist package named, “Drive Pilot.” The content of the ad has led to calls for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the German automaker.

The semi-autonomous system promoted in the television spot includes adaptive cruise control and automated steering that keeps the vehicle in its lane at up to an Autobahn-worthy 130 mph. Complaints filed indicate the ad overstates the capabilities of the system. Additionally, they state the sedan doesn’t meet the definition of a fully or partially self-driving car according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A statement from Mercedes-Benz indicated the ad was not meant to cause confusion between driver aids and fully autonomous systems.