It appears shrapnel from the Volkswagen #Dieselgate emissions violation bomb has hit unrelated oil burning brands, with Mercedes-Benz the latest affected.

The Three Pointed Star will not launch its new diesel-powered variants of both the C-Class sedan and GLC utility vehicle in the 2016 calendar year. According to a recent Automotive News article, Mercedes planned to launch the new models this year, but decided to make potential buyers wait one more year.

Ever since Volkswagen’s Environmental Protection Agency emissions violation in September 2015, all consumer-marketed diesel engines have come under intense scrutiny. Several other automakers have experienced similar delays in diesel-related product launches due to the tarnished image of these “clean diesel” vehicles.

Uncertainty about the on-sale date of Mercedes’ diesel GLE and GLS utilities has also become a concern for the Stuttgart-based automaker. The 2017 models are to receive new diesel powertrains in part of the brand’s recent overhaul of its entire crossover and SUV lineup.

Currently, diesel engines only account for about 1.2 percent of the Mercedes-Benz’s sales portfolio.