It’s been five years since Mazda placed a rotary engine in one of its production vehicles. The RX-8 never quite lived up to the hype of its famed predecessor, the RX-7. Ever since the sleek RX-Vision concept was unveiled nearly a year ago, rumors have swirled that Mazda would once again take a crack at the unique power plant. According to Shifting Lanes, 2020 is the new target for the Japanese company’s latest rotary powered sports car, the RX-9.

Details are still scarce, however a few things seem to hang in its favor. Apparently Mazda has finally approved the design, engineering, and production process for the new coupe. Trademarks for the RX-9 name have also been registered. The company is preparing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first rotary model, and a concept is expected to debut at the Tokyo motor show.