The recipe for a hot hatch is simple:  Blend an economy-minded hatchback with the performance of a sports car. Manufacturers have been following this method for years and now one more models looks to be added to the list of giant killers.

According to Shifting Lanes, Hyundai is the latest brand to take a swing at the growing trend. The Korean manufacturer has been spied testing a road-ready version of the RM16, or “Racing Mid-ship”. The mid-engine two-door will be powered by a two-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. Thanks to the aid of an electric supercharger, it will produce 300 horsepower. Power will be guided to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. No release dates have been set, but a working prototype means Hyundai is close to having something production ready.

So, to sum things up: Manual + Rear-Wheel Drive  = Fun Car (for driving enthusiasts).