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Auction Pricing Down Mildly to Close Out the Year

December auction volume was mildly lower than November. Pricing for our benchmark model was also somewhat lower, particularly for newer trucks with higher mileage...

Auction Volume Back Up in November

November auction volume was back up to a typical level, after a quiet October. Pricing for our benchmark model was generally lower, with less consistency from auction to auction

October Auctions Point to Continued Shortage of Late-Model Trucks

October’s auction results once again defied expectations, with a drop in volume compared to September, and no discernable depreciation...

Are we Finally Seeing More Trade-Ins?

The auction market performed closer to expectations in September, with a notable increase in the number of sleeper tractors of most model years represented. Pricing for newer trucks dropped as a result.

August's Auction Market was Identical to July's

Auction activity continued to defy our predictions in August, with low volume indicating a supply that is still very tight...

Off-Again Month for Used Truck Supply

Last month, we said the increased volume of trucks moving through auctions in June might indicate a return to more normal trade activity. That’s not yet the case, judging by the very low volume of trucks moving through auctions in July...

Volume Returns to the Auctions

We finally saw an upward bump in volume of trucks sold at auction in June. The volume of the three most popular sleeper tractors sold through the two largest nationwide auction companies jumped from 135 to 298 trucks that month...

No Increase in Class 8 Supply Yet

Volume at the auctions we monitor remains lower than predicted. The number of trades entering the market had not yet ramped up to expected levels as of May...

No Surprises in February Auction Results

February is the first month of the year with numerous auctions on the calendar. As such, this month offers useful insight on how the new year is shaping up...

Depreciation Remains Nonexistent in November Auction Market

Volume of the most common sleeper tractors auctioned in November increased after a slow October. Pricing was very similar month-over-month, with the newest units showing some volatility based on low volume.

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