The following abbreviations are found in various the NADA Used Car Guide (now J.D. Power Valuation Services) print, software and online products. If we have omitted any or you have additional questions, please e-mail us at

2WD: Two Wheel Drive

3 Cyl.: Three Cylinder Engine

4 Cyl.: Four Cylinder Engine

4 Spd.: Four Speed Manual Transmission

4WD: Four Wheel Drive

5 Cyl.: Five Cylinder Engine

5 Spd.: Five Speed Manual Transmission

6 Cyl.: Six Cylinder Engine

6 Spd.: Six Speed Manual Transmission

AC: Air Conditioning

AT: Automatic Transmission

AWD: All Wheel Drive

BBC: Bumper to Back of the Cab

B&S: Bore & Stroke

BHP: Brake Horsepower

Ch & Cab: Chassis & Cab

C.I.D.: Cubic Inch Displacement

DRW: Dual Rear Wheels

Ex.: Except

FWD: Front Wheel Drive

GCW: Gross Combined Weight

GVW: Gross Vehicle Weight

HD: Heavy Duty (truck)

I6: Inline Six Cylinder Engine

L4: Four Cylinder Engine

LD: Light Duty (truck)

M.S.R.P.: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

PS: Power Steering

Quad 4: Four Cylinder Engine

RWD: Rear Wheel Drive

Std: Standard

Tax HP: Taxable Horsepower

V6: "V" Configured Six Cylinder Engine

V8: "V" Configured Eight Cylinder Engine

V10: "V" Configured Ten Cylinder Engine

V12: "V" Configured Twelve Cylinder Engine

W.B.: Wheelbase