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May Commercial Truck Guidelines Are Available for Download!

The May editon of NADA Used Car Guide's Commercial Truck Guidelines is available for you to download. Look for highlights on high Class 8 pricing and volume, with used sleeper tractor pricing remaining at a high level despite ever-increasing mileage.

April Commercial Truck Guidelines - Sales Are Up!

In the April 2012 issue of Guidelines, Commercial Truck dealerships are seeing strong sales, with retail sales the highest since August of 2010! Read the full report here.

In The March Edition of Commercial Truck Guidelines...

In this month's edition of Commercial Truck Guidelines, you'll find that late-model sleeper tractors finally level after a record-setting retail high. Demand remains extremely strong for low-mileage sleeper tractors. The spread between low and average mileage iron continues to widen because demand for low-mileage units still greatly exceeds supply. However, as discussed in a previous blog post, buyers still place a premium on traditionally-styled sleeper tractors even in this age when fuel economy is of critical importance. To read the full March edition of Commercial Truck Guidelines, download them here

In February Guidelines: Flattening Out of the Class 8 Market in 2012 Forecasted

In our February 2012 edition of Commercial Truck Guidelines, NADA forecasts a flattening out of the Class 8 market this year. Retail prices for sleeper tractors were up 17.3% in 2011 vs. 2010 on mileage 10% higher, Wholesale prices for sleeper tractors were up 36% on mileage 4.3% higher. The Price gap between aerodynamic and owner-operator trucks is increasing with construction trucks up 7.4% on mileage 19% higher. Class 3-4 Cabovers are up slightly, but Class 6 Conventionals remain flat. Price ceilings are likely in place in retail and wholesale markets. For in-depth analysis and details, download the February 2012 Commercial Truck Guidelines here.

Start off the New Year with January 2012 Commercial Truck Guidelines!

The NADA Used Car Guide Commercial Truck January 2012 Guidelines are available to kick off the New Year! While the close of 2011 brought a lull in Sales volume at the dealer level, the decrease was most likely seasonable and pricing forecast is likely to steady and increase in 2012. Retail sleeper pricing has been flat since September, although wholesale pricing is showing strength. Download the full Guidelines to read more! 

December 2011 Commercial Truck Guidelines

The ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guidelines for December 2011 is now available, with the class 8 sleeper market cooling down after 2 full years of growth and with evidence of a price ceiling in the retail market for late-model trucks. 2011 average pricing is still crushing the previous three years; the NADA outlook is still strong. To read the full Guidelines, download them here.

November 2011 Commercial Truck Guidelines!

With the complete third quarter of 2011 in the database, now is a good time for a year-over-year review.

3rd Quarter 2011 vs. 3rd Quarter 2010 comparisons show retail and wholesale selling prices up dramatically and Dealer sales volume was the highest of the year in September.

Download the November 2011 Guidelines now to read on!

October 2011 Commercial Truck Guidelines

The commercial truck market and industrial producion is a good indicator of the health of the economy, which isn't as bleak as it may seem. The domestic industry has weathered the economic turmoil quite well. With August's Used Truck sales more than expected, plus an uptick in August and September new truck orders, the truck industry is proving the economic naysayers wrong.

To download the full Commerical Truck Guidelines for October, click here.

September ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide Update

Used truck prices remain strong going into 4th quarter. If the trucking industry is a canary in the coal mine for the health of the economy, things aren't as bleak as some talking heads would make you believe. On the new side, orders and sales are running well ahead of 2010, with an uptick in August orders. On the used side, selling prices for sleeper tractors continued to rise through July on average. And dealers sold more used trucks in July than in June.

To read the full update, download here.

August 2011 Commercial Truck Guidelines

With the 3rd Quarter underway, the story is increasing volatility. The shortage of used trucks combined with trends in the wholesale markets is creating larger swings in our averages than we saw earlier. Dealer sales volume is the first measure to show fluctuation. After hitting a 2011 high in April, sales dropped way off for May, only to recover about half of that lost ground for June. To read the full August 2011 Commercial Truck Guidelines, download here.