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Wholesale Market Stable as Mileage Trends Lower

The average sleeper tractor wholesaled in November brought a price very similar to October, at $29,994 vs. $29,283, respectively. This result put November $711 (or 2.4%) higher. Average mileage dipped moderately, coming in at 639,780 vs. 663,235. This figure put November 23,455 (or 3.5%) lower...

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Continued Influx of 2011 Sleepers Keeps Average Pricing at Record Levels

The price of the average sleeper tractor retailed in November once again set a new record, coming in at $55,063 – $1698 (or 3.1%) higher than last month, and $973 (or 1.8%) higher than the previous record set in August of this year. Average mileage was 527,606 – 4497 (or 0.9%) higher than last month, and 9974 (or 1.9%) lower than August. See graph below for detail...

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Is the Federal Budget Deal the First Step Towards Accelerated Growth?

The recent budget compromise (when was the last time you heard those words in the same sentence?) reached in the House of Representatives last week was a refreshing example of legislators doing their primary job – drafting policy – instead of concentrating on the politics of grandstanding and brinksmanship more typical of recent budgetary periods...

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December 2013 Commercial Truck Guidelines Available for Download!

In this month's December Commercial Truck Guidelines: sales volume was back up to a typical level in October, following an unexpected drop in September. Retail pricing remained close to the record, while wholesale pricing was down slightly thanks to a mix of trucks with mildly higher mileage. An analysis of 2010 models shows Cummins-equipped International ProStars now fully market-competitive. Download today!

Sales Volume Roller Coaster Ride Continues

Incoming sales data suggests that the nation’s truck dealers struggled to sell used trucks in November. With approximately 50% of our November data collected, retail used truck sales per rooftop are running at 4.6. This figure is 1.6 trucks (or 25.8%) lower than October, and 1.4 trucks (or 23.3%) under the year-to-date average of 6.0...

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Medium Duty Conventional Market Remains Flat to Mildly Downwards

Looking first at Class 6 conventionals, volume was very similar to last month and average mileage was in line with the year-to-date average, so it is valid to say there was relaxed demand for this group this month...


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4th Quarter Pullback in Construction Market Likely Underway

The construction market – both in terms of volume and pricing – took a breather in October. Trucks of all model years sold in fewer numbers this month, while pricing decreased as well. We expect a seasonal pullback in construction truck purchases the 4th quarter, and this month’s result could reflect the start of that condition...

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