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Construction Market Outpaces 2013, but Challenges Remain

As of this writing, the US Senate has just passed a short-term highway funding bill that would fund infrastructure construction through December. It is likely that the House will either pass this bill or a lightly-altered version. The business community would of course prefer a long-term solution instead of a stop-gap, so the current bill won’t do much to encourage increased demand for equipment...

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Wholesale Volume Runs Ahead of Last Year; Retail Volume Escapes Seasonal Weakness

As we enter the 3rd quarter of 2014, the number of trucks sold at auction or dealer-to-dealer remains comfortably ahead of same-period 2013. Through June, NADA collected 20,779 wholesale records, compared to 19,449 for the same period last year...

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Newer Trucks Continue to Impact Wholesale Market

At the halfway point of 2014, the number of sleeper tractors with under 500,000 miles sold at auction or dealer-to dealer is already equal to the number sold in all of 2013. As in the retail channel, increased trades of 3-5 year-old trucks are responsible for this shift...

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Mild Depreciation Continues in Sleeper Market

The influx of late-model sleeper tractors coming off trade continued in June, pushing our universal retail average down about 3% from May...

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July Commercial Truck Guidelines is Available for Download!

2014 began where 2013 left off, with retail and wholesale activity at moderate levels due to the harsh winter. Then March exploded onto the scene with a massive increase in volume of sleeper tractors sold at auction...

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Catching Up with the Market

The midpoint of 2014 is a good place to catch up with the changes the sleeper market has seen in the past few months.The year began where 2013 left off, with retail and wholesale activity at moderate levels due to the harsh winter. Then March exploded onto the scene...

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What about Daycabs?

Regular readers of this blog and Guidelines know that we tend to concentrate on highway sleepers because that’s where the vast majority of the volume is. We do provide analysis of different segments to parties who request it – that’s part of our business – but it’s been a while since we’ve published daycab data in the free content we provide to the public. So, without further ado, here’s where the Class 8 highway daycab market sits currently...

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Competitive Comparison of 2012 Sleepers

As we mentioned in the June edition of Guidelines, the greatly increased number of 2012 model-year trucks sold over the past few months allows us to look more closely at how selected models are performing relative to their competitors. The graph below traces retail selling price of selected 2012 aerodynamic models since January, adjusted for price...

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