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Auction Volume Back Up in November

November auction volume was back up to a typical level, after a quiet October. Pricing for our benchmark model was generally lower, with less consistency from auction to auction

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Volume Down, Pricing Stable in Retail Channel

As 2019 begins, we can look to the final results of 2018 for guidance on what to expect. Based on November auction and retail data, volatility is increasing...

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Auction Pricing Down Mildly to Close Out the Year

December auction volume was mildly lower than November. Pricing for our benchmark model was also somewhat lower, particularly for newer trucks with higher mileage...

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Market Conditions Maturing as 2019 Begins

Deliveries of new trucks will remain strong into the second half of 2019, but it looks like demand is on the downward slope as supply heads in the other direction...

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Model vs. Model Pricing Comparison

With a full 12 months of retail sales data in our database, we can look at how individual models shaped up in 2018...

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January Auction Market Stable on Low Volume

With the seasonal lull in auction activity in place, there were very few of our benchmark model sold in January....

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Volume Down but Pricing Stable in Class 8 Market

Trucks sold in January continue to bring strong money, with depreciation essentially nonexistent month-over-month. There appear to have been fewer buyers in January, but those who did write a check were paying similar money to last month.

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Auction Pricing Looking Good as 2019 Unfolds

Volume of our benchmark model was up moderately in February, an encouraging data point in a month with few auctions on the calendar. Pricing was mildly lower, although very low volume for newer trucks means we’re not drawing any conclusions just yet. 

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Used Class 8 Market Unaffected by End of New Truck Cycle

There were a few more buyers on dealer lots in February compared to January, and they continued to pay strong money for the more desirable trucks...

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Why has the Boom in New Truck Sales Not Resulted in an Influx of Trades?

This time around, any downturn in used truck values will hinge more on economic conditions than supply of incoming trades...

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