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Older Trucks were Left in the Cold in January

Auction and dealer-to-dealer sales reported to NADA show that buyers were shopping mainly for younger, lower-mileage sleeper tractors in January. The average age and mileage of trucks sold has declined since early 2013, but January 2014’s average was a substantial shift downward in both measures...

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Severe Weather Didn’t Keep Buyers from Paying Top Dollar for Sleepers

Any concerns that January’s multiple nationwide severe weather events would put a lid on the used truck market can be alleviated. Sales data submitted to NADA shows that the average retail price paid for a sleeper tractor in January was $56,488. This figure represents yet another record – the highest we’ve recorded since our current data analysis processes were introduced in mid-2007...

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Will Fuel Economy Mandates Impact Used Truck Pricing?

By now you’re well aware of President Obama’s announcement that he will direct the EPA and DOT to set the next (post-2018) round of medium and heavy truck fuel economy and emissions standards. The first round of standards was finalized in September of 2011, and trucks meeting those standards are just now going into production...

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Class 6 Conventionals Spiked in January, but Don’t Get too Excited

The average wholesale selling price of 4-7 year-old Class 6 conventionals rose dramatically in January, due mainly to an unusually-low-mileage pool of trucks sold. In addition, the number of trucks sold was down substantially from recent months...

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February Commercial Truck Guidelines is Available for Download!

A favorable supply/demand relationship keeps pricing for sleeper tractors with under 600,000 miles historically high. Construction trucks firmed up in the last two months of 2013, and are poised for a recovery. Medium duty trucks continue to be limited by excess supply of average-to-high-mileage units. Sales volume is unusually volatile due to economic, political, and weather-related factors. This volatility is expected to relax starting in the second quarter as many of these factors are alleviated. To read more, download the February edition today!

December and January Class 8 Orders were a Solid One-Two Punch

According to FTR and ACT Research (article here), January new Class 8 orders should come in at approximately 34,400. This is the second month in a row over 30,000 – the first time we’ve seen a two-month combined result this high since 2006...

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Construction Market Firms Up, Poised for Recovery

Class 8 construction trucks ended 2013 on the uptick after a relatively weak September and October. November and December came back strong, resulting in essentially no depreciation for the full year for 5-7 year-old trucks on average...

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