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Back to the Basics - May Sales Don't Dissapoint

Reading the latest headlines for May sales suggests the automotive market is starting to shows some signs of decline.  However, May new vehicle sales are doing exactly what supply and demand dictated them to do.  I always find it refreshing that my Economics 101 class came in handy.  In this case, as expected, prices on new vehicles increased due to a lower supply of new vehicles caused by the production declines from the earthquake in Japan.  As we all know as prices increase quantity demanded decreases,  and presto, new car sales have declined to an expected 11. ...

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Oil Prices and Car Deals

The seemingly endless increases on prices for cars is creating some concern on when the market is going to peak. How does a consumer, dealer and lender protect themselves in an extremely volatile automotive market and make the right decisions from a long-term standpoint.  Anyone familiar with the used vehicle market knows that rapid price movements are not uncommon. The past 3 years have proven this and 2011 is no different.  Manheim’s Used Vehicle Value Index confirms this with the index hitting an all-time high in April.  Predicting the direction of used vehicle ...

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How Much Risk Are in Truck Prices

Truck and SUV used price performance has been impressive. Trucks and SUV prices have reached record levels and have followed an upward trend since the last gas spike in 2008, which drove truck and SUV prices to record lows. The upward trend in gas prices which essentially began in January 2009 and accelerated late in 2010, surprisingly has not had a significant on prices.  There is no doubt that the recent increases in gas prices have slowed down the appreciation on values for trucks and SUV’s, but we haven’t seen a consistent decline in truck prices until recently…since mid-March trucks ...

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