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Luxury Brand Incentive Skirmish is Developing into a Battle

February marked the fourth month in a row of an increasingly heated incentive skirmish currently being fought by luxury automakers in the U.S. Autodata data shows that beginning back in November, average luxury incentive spending across all brands surpassed the $3,900 mark, up 16.2% over the previous year.  Escalating even higher in December, incentive spending grew to almost $4,000 per vehicle, up a bloated 18.7% year-over-year.  January-February average incentive spending leveled off a bit compared to the November-December time period, but the period’s average of just over $ ...

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High Gas Prices & Spiffs Heat Up Fiat 500 Sales

While escalating fuel prices helped new compact car sales outperform the market as a whole last month (31% v. 16% respectively), sales really took off for Fiat’s subcompact 500 model. As we mentioned in this month’s edition of Guidelines, February marked Fiat’s best sales month since the brand’s U.S. launch in March of last year.  The Italian marque sold 3,227 500s which equated to a 69% boost over the prior month and exceeded the brand’s previous high recorded in August ’11 (although the margin was a narrow 100 units).  The drivers behind the recent ignition in Fiat sales are ...

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Gasoline Prices Expected to Peak at $4 per Gallon; Impact on Used Vehicle Prices Mild

In last week’s blog I discussed the factors (in a word, Iran) that are contributing the run-up in gasoline prices and offered up that NADA believed prices would reach $4 per gallon sometime in May.  Data collected over the past week has made us more resolute in our prediction.  Although President Obama stated this week that all options including military ones are on the table to address the Iranian nuclear issue, he’s repeatedly stressed the point to political foes and Israel alike that diplomacy and sanctions are the preferred mechanisms for resolving the conflict. In add ...

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It’s Déjà vu All Over Again: Geopolitical Forces Push Gas Prices up Again

Here we go again. Escalating tensions in the Middle East are once again wreaking havoc on global oil prices and as a result, American consumers are paying more at the pump than they probably should be otherwise. Unlike last year however, popular uprisings and real supply disruptions are not the driving force at work here.  Sure, events in Syria have the makings for another protracted civil war, but the country is a small player on the world oil stage (pre-revolution Libyan production was about 4.5 times that of Syria).    Instead, this year’s price spike is the ...

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